My Maternal Families

My mum told the family stories doubtless passed from generation to generation and crucially, helped with the first tentative steps I took to get to know more of her family history.

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I manage two more web sites related directly or indirectly to my family history. Together, they contain a rich and compelling mixture of facts, stories and recollections.

You're Here!

This is the story of an extended family with roots in the English midlands.

the Bramptons
A Community Site

Here you will find history, genealogy, a photographic record and much more.

Mosley Families
My Paternal Family

An extended family tree including many families associated with the Mosley name.

You Know More About These Families?

I am always on the the lookout for more details relating to these families, including jobs, friends and interesting information about the places they’ve lived.

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Some of the tools I use and the companies I work with to find records and present this site.