Barlow, Derbyshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, alice  1872Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05502
2 BENNETT, annie  1864Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19213
3 BIGGIN, edith  1892Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05712
4 BOOKER, elizabeth  1863Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08295
5 BOOKER, ellen  1837Barlow, Derbyshire, England I17333
6 BOOKER, epharim  1880Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08298
7 BOOKER, hannah  1870Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08288
8 BOOKER, henry  1848Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22692
9 BOOKER, john  1835Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08293
10 BOOKER, mercy  1845Barlow, Derbyshire, England I15617
11 BOOKER, samuel  1873Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08297
12 BOOKER, william  1865Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08296
13 BOWN, arthur  1816Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19316
14 BROWN, eliza hopkinson nee  1831Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05180
15 COOPER, harry  1883Barlow, Derbyshire, England I15412
16 FISHER, elizabeth  1870Barlow, Derbyshire, England I15618
17 FROGGATT, beresford james  1867Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04734
18 FROGGATT, Elizabeth Sarah  1865Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04736
19 GOODLAD, annie  1900Barlow, Derbyshire, England I10136
20 GOODLAD, annie  1870Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11712
21 GOODLAD, annie  1838Barlow, Derbyshire, England I18824
22 GOODLAD, emily  1877Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11715
23 GOODLAD, george  1868Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11711
24 GOODLAD, John  1835Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11710
25 GOODLAD, John Anthony  1872Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11713
26 GOODLAD, thomas  1900Barlow, Derbyshire, England I10137
27 GOODLAD, william  1875Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11714
28 GRATTON, william henry  1874Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22255
29 HALL, frank  1900Barlow, Derbyshire, England I15918
30 HALLATT, elizabeth  1853Barlow, Derbyshire, England I02937
31 HANCOCK, Ernest  1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01605
32 HANCOCK, Martin  1837Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01567
33 HANCOCK, Owen  1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01604
34 HANCOCK, Sarah Ann  1875Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01602
35 HANCOCK, William  1850Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01591
36 HANCOCK, William James  1878Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01603
37 HASLAM, harry  1882Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22875
38 HASLAM, william  1840Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22247
39 HENFREY, Wilfred henry  1876Barlow, Derbyshire, England I06915
40 HOLMES, Martha  1844Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01568
41 HULLEY, bethia  1860Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08451
42 KENDERDINE, Martha  1823Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01477
43 KEY, Annie  1877Barlow, Derbyshire, England I07922
44 KEY, Edith  1892Barlow, Derbyshire, England I24328
45 KEY, jane ann  1872Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08261
46 KEY, leonard  1891Barlow, Derbyshire, England I24331
47 KEY, mary  1870Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08260
48 KEY, Mary  1827Barlow, Derbyshire, England I09296
49 KEY, rosa  1869Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08259
50 KEY, william  1844Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08257

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOOKER, ellen  1891Barlow, Derbyshire, England I17333
2 BROWN, Mary  26 Jan 1943Barlow, Derbyshire, England I02887
3 BROWN, Susan  24 Feb 1940Barlow, Derbyshire, England I02886
4 FROGGATT, Hannah  1899Barlow, Derbyshire, England I00924
5 FROGGATT, Harriett etta  Mar 1904Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01587
6 GOODLAD, John  23 Apr 1918Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11710
7 HALE, dorothy ida  1990Barlow, Derbyshire, England I13331
8 HALL, Herbert  12 Dec 1919Barlow, Derbyshire, England I15494
9 HANCOCK, William  1911Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01591
10 HILL, Elizabeth  3 May 1880Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01119
11 PINDER, Ann  8 Oct 1916Barlow, Derbyshire, England I03621
12 PINDER, Anthony  1 Nov 1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I03620
13 SHORT, george  1894Barlow, Derbyshire, England I16711
14 SILCOCK, Charles  1908Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01481
15 SILCOCK, Rosa  15 Jul 1898Barlow, Derbyshire, England I07279
16 STEVENSON, edwin  1873Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05183
17 STEVENSON, william  1898Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08495
18 TAGG, martin  1893Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19176
19 WEBSTER, tom  1908Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22265
20 WRAGG, Ellen  1874Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SILCOCK, jane  16 Oct 1823Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CROFTS, John  8 Apr 1821Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01186
2 FROGGATT, Rosa Goodson  5 Jan 1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04738
3 HANCOCK, Martin  18 Jun 1837Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01567
4 KNOWLES, gertrude  26 May 1883Barlow, Derbyshire, England I10808
5 KNOWLES, henrietta  18 Sep 1887Barlow, Derbyshire, England I10810
6 KNOWLES, kate elizabeth  8 Aug 1880Barlow, Derbyshire, England I10805
7 KNOWLES, minnie  22 Dec 1884Barlow, Derbyshire, England I10809
8 MILLINGTON, Henry  8 Aug 1768Barlow, Derbyshire, England I02333
9 MILLINGTON, joseph  31 Aug 1823Barlow, Derbyshire, England I09316
10 SILCOCK, albert  5 Jul 1857Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19315
11 SLACK, Caroline Sarah  15 Oct 1837Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04400
12 SLACK, Edward Swift  5 Feb 1857Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01697
13 SLACK, George Swift  23 May 1824Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04401
14 SLACK, Jane  23 Apr 1854Barlow, Derbyshire, England I01695
15 SLACK, Martin  23 Apr 1826Barlow, Derbyshire, England I00943
16 SLACK, William  19 Apr 1829Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04399
17 STEVENSON, edwin  6 Apr 1873Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05183
18 STEVENSON, samuel  30 Aug 1818Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05177
19 STEVENSON, samuel  10 Sep 1871Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05179
20 STEVENSON, tom  21 Apr 1867Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05178
21 STEVENSON, william  14 Feb 1869Barlow, Derbyshire, England I08495


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WRAGG, oliver  1882Barlow, Derbyshire, England I03613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BOWN, arthur  1861Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19316
2 FROGGATT, Jason  1851Barlow, Derbyshire, England I00277
3 GOODLAD, emily  1911Barlow, Derbyshire, England I11715
4 GRATTON, william henry  1911Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22255
5 HASLAM, lucy  1911Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22249
6 HOLMES, mary ann  1881Barlow, Derbyshire, England I18803
7 JEWETT, mary  1861Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19307
8 SILCOCK, Arthur  1901Barlow, Derbyshire, England I07283
9 SILCOCK, elijah  1901Barlow, Derbyshire, England I07281
10 SILCOCK, john  1861Barlow, Derbyshire, England I04444
11 SILCOCK, mary  1861Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19313
12 STEVENSON, samuel  1871Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05177
13 STEVENSON, samuel  1881Barlow, Derbyshire, England I05177
14 SWINDEN, john  1911Barlow, Derbyshire, England I19044
15 WRAGG, solomon  1881Barlow, Derbyshire, England I22000
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