Brampton, Derbyshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlotte  Abt 1812Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25639
2 Mary E  Abt 1861Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25596
3 ADDY, Edward  1829Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03842
4 ADDY, Sarah  1833Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03843
5 ALDERSEA, Baker  Abt 1870Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25847
6 ALDERSEA, Henry  Abt 1868Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25846
7 ALDERSEA, John  Abt 1877Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25848
8 ALDERSEA, Samuel  Abt 1866Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25845
9 ALDERSEA, Sarah Ann  Abt 1863Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25841
10 ALDERSEA, Theresa  Abt 1861Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25844
11 ALDERSEA, William  Abt 1885Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25849
12 ANTHONY, Faith  1855Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15807
13 ANTHONY, james  1859Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15808
14 ARTHUR, george  1809Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10862
15 ARTHUR, john  1791Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10863
16 ARTHUR, Richard  1798Brampton, Derbyshire, England I09539
17 ARTHUR, thomas  1806Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10864
18 ARTHUR, william  1794Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10865
19 BARNES, Albert  1871Brampton, Derbyshire, England I01882
20 BOOKER, mary  1829Brampton, Derbyshire, England I24190
21 BOOKER, sarah  Abt 1772Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13888
22 BOOKER, william  Abt 1790Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13885
23 BRADSHAW, Abbot  1845Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12782
24 BRADSHAW, Abbot  1824Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13895
25 BRADSHAW, eliza  1854Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12781
26 BRADSHAW, ellen  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07045
27 BRADSHAW, george  1807Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13893
28 BRADSHAW, hannah  1847Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12779
29 BRADSHAW, hannah  1827Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13897
30 BRADSHAW, herbert  1857Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07054
31 BRADSHAW, isaac  1811Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13892
32 BRADSHAW, james  1854Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07051
33 BRADSHAW, James  1837Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13896
34 BRADSHAW, john  1879Brampton, Derbyshire, England I09178
35 BRADSHAW, john  1863Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12789
36 BRADSHAW, john  1816Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13890
37 BRADSHAW, Luke  1814Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13891
38 BRADSHAW, mary  1839Brampton, Derbyshire, England I02952
39 BRADSHAW, sarah  1879Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03383
40 BRADSHAW, thomas  1809Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13894
41 BRADSHAW, william  1848Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07053
42 BRADSHAW, william sanforth  1880Brampton, Derbyshire, England I09183
43 BRIDDON, arthur  1900Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12959
44 BRIDDON, dorothy  1902Brampton, Derbyshire, England I11543
45 BRIDDON, edmond c  PrivateBrampton, Derbyshire, England I12965
46 BRIDDON, Edmund Charles  1895Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12955
47 BRIDDON, ernest  1898Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12958
48 BRIDDON, phillip  PrivateBrampton, Derbyshire, England I15478
49 BRIGGS, Anne  Abt 1798Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13174
50 BROWN, George  1779Brampton, Derbyshire, England I02935

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDY, Sarah  1876Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03843
2 ARTHUR, John  1846Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10860
3 ARTHUR, thomas  1810Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10864
4 BARNES, Harriett  Bef 30 Nov 1900Brampton, Derbyshire, England I00305
5 BLAIDES, Jacob  1906Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04822
6 BOOKER, sarah  1795Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13888
7 BRADSHAW, john  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13890
8 BUXTON, william  1793Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15602
9 CALOW, John  1844Brampton, Derbyshire, England I17209
10 COOPER, Charlotte  Bef 4 Dec 1890Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25834
11 COTTERILL, Joseph  4 Feb 1887Brampton, Derbyshire, England I02485
12 DUNGWORTH, ann  1844Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10861
13 FIDDLER, hannah  1830Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15818
14 FISHER, catherine  1785Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15819
15 FISHER, george  1801Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15821
16 FISHER, hannah  1798Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15822
17 FISHER, william  1804Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15827
18 HANCOCK, Florence  14 Apr 1947Brampton, Derbyshire, England I01156
19 HAYNES, Joseph  1872Brampton, Derbyshire, England I14695
20 HICKINGBOTHAM, Mary  1854Brampton, Derbyshire, England I00348
21 HOPKINSON, amelia  1892Brampton, Derbyshire, England I21300
22 HOPKINSON, arthur  1895Brampton, Derbyshire, England I21299
23 HOSKIN, Samuel  1906Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07859
24 JACKSON, Luke  16 Nov 1918Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03739
25 LITTLEWOOD, emma coope  1893Brampton, Derbyshire, England I08904
26 LONGSON, Sarah  1872Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07860
27 MARSDEN, henry  1867Brampton, Derbyshire, England I08650
28 MARSDEN, Samuel  1901Brampton, Derbyshire, England I08646
29 MASKREY, francis  1805Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12481
30 MASKREY, matilda  1808Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13887
31 MILLINGTON, Esther  1851Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13612
32 NEWBOLD, Edward  1866Brampton, Derbyshire, England I01348
33 NEWBOLD, Mary Ann  4 Dec 1862Brampton, Derbyshire, England I05133
34 SANFORTH, mary eleanor  1890Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03381
35 SHARRATT, Betsy  1883Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03791
36 SHEMWELL, Emma  1876Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07949
37 SHORT, joseph  1846Brampton, Derbyshire, England I06573
38 SIMPSON, Luke  1887Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13613
39 SMITH, elizabeth  1855Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13884
40 SMITH, john  1836Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04912
41 THICKETT, alice  1801Brampton, Derbyshire, England I17204
42 THOMSON, Ann  1865Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04819
43 TOMLINSON, Ann  1892Brampton, Derbyshire, England I02451
44 TURNER, margaret  1854Brampton, Derbyshire, England I01349
45 WATTS, dorothy  1859Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15963
46 WILEMAN, sarah ann  1892Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15755
47 WRAGG, james  1737Brampton, Derbyshire, England I06699
48 WRAGG, Maria  1874Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13324
49 WRAGG, william henry  1871Brampton, Derbyshire, England I22001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HOSKIN, Samuel  21 Jul 1906Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07859
2 LONGSON, Sarah  15 Oct 1872Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07860
3 SHARRATT, Betsy  15 Jun 1883Brampton, Derbyshire, England I03791


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 MASKREY, mary  28 Apr 1805Brampton, Derbyshire, England I12479
2 WRAGG, David  10 Oct 1790Brampton, Derbyshire, England I00841


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHMORE, lydia  1871Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25180
2 BRADSHAW, charlotte  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13901
3 BRADSHAW, isaac  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07049
4 BRADSHAW, william  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13880
5 COLTON, Harry  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I11114
6 CUTTS, enoch  1871Brampton, Derbyshire, England I25174
7 DAWSON, mary  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13898
8 FROGGATT, Hezekiah  1861Brampton, Derbyshire, England I01219
9 FROGGATT, Hezekiah  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I01219
10 HOPKINSON, arthur  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I21299
11 HOPKINSON, arthur  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I21299
12 MARGERISON, eliza  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I07644
13 MITCHELL, hannah  1851Brampton, Derbyshire, England I19198
14 PEARSON, George  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10538
15 PEARSON, George  1851Brampton, Derbyshire, England I10538
16 PEARSON, Sarah Ada  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04003
17 SILCOCK, William  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04445
18 SMITH, elizabeth  1851Brampton, Derbyshire, England I13884
19 SMITH, joseph  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04925
20 TAGG, george  1851Brampton, Derbyshire, England I19196
21 WALKER, charles  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I22316
22 WALKER, charles  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I22316
23 WATTS, Catherine  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England I06502
24 WILEMAN, richard  1861Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15750
25 WILEMAN, sarah ann  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15755
26 WILEMAN, sarah ann  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I15755
27 WILSON, catherine  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I14178
28 WILSON, catherine  1891Brampton, Derbyshire, England I14178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Retired    Person ID 
1 SILCOCK, William  1881Brampton, Derbyshire, England I04445


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 HILL / TURNER  1861Brampton, Derbyshire, England F0113
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