Swinton, Yorkshire, England



Town : Latitude: 53.48852900000001, Longitude: -1.3175189999999475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, annie  1861Swinton, Yorkshire, England I21350
2 ADAMS, Charles  1856Swinton, Yorkshire, England I04064
3 ADAMS, John  1832Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05279
4 ADAMS, Thomas  1854Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05281
5 ADAMS, William  1851Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05282
6 BEDFORD, john j  1887Swinton, Yorkshire, England I06345
7 BELLAMY, ada  1860Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15405
8 BELLAMY, charles  1864Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15406
9 BELLAMY, edwin  1871Swinton, Yorkshire, England I22856
10 BELLAMY, eliza  1857Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15407
11 BELLAMY, mary  1853Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15408
12 BOOTH, frederick barron  1887Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11671
13 BYWATER, alice  1895Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16213
14 BYWATER, elizabeth  1857Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05342
15 BYWATER, ellen  1859Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05349
16 BYWATER, emily  1887Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16210
17 BYWATER, frederick  1901Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16214
18 BYWATER, george w  1897Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16215
19 BYWATER, mabel  1900Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16216
20 BYWATER, margaret  1894Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16217
21 BYWATER, marie  1889Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16211
22 BYWATER, mary ann  1860Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05354
23 BYWATER, nellie  1891Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16212
24 BYWATER, samson  1855Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05347
25 CLAYDON, Blanche  1896Swinton, Yorkshire, England I02146
26 CLAYDON, Edna  PrivateSwinton, Yorkshire, England I02150
27 CLAYDON, Emma  21 Dec 1900Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00286
28 CLAYDON, gertrude elizabeth  1903Swinton, Yorkshire, England I06265
29 CLAYDON, Lily  1899Swinton, Yorkshire, England I02148
30 CLAYDON, Mabel  1897Swinton, Yorkshire, England I02147
31 CURRIER, George Amos  1857Swinton, Yorkshire, England I18723
32 DAY, william cook  1852Swinton, Yorkshire, England I23917
33 DRYDEN, george thomas  1899Swinton, Yorkshire, England I24773
34 EDWARDS, william  1850Swinton, Yorkshire, England I08930
35 GOACHER, henry  21 Mar 1888Swinton, Yorkshire, England I18794
36 GOACHER, Lilly  26 Nov 1884Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00458
37 HAGUE, mary ann  1841Swinton, Yorkshire, England I17612
38 HOLMES, william  1851Swinton, Yorkshire, England I12726
39 HOYLAND, alfred frederick  1840Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16070
40 JARDINE, agnes  1889Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05359
41 JARDINE, charlotte  1886Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05353
42 JARDINE, emma  1899Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11241
43 JARDINE, emma jane  1865Swinton, Yorkshire, England I16209
44 JARDINE, george  1892Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11243
45 JARDINE, john  1858Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05357
46 JARDINE, john owen  1895Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11242
47 JARDINE, william  1884Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05356
48 LEE, Ann  1833Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05280
49 MANN, fred  1862Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11390
50 MANN, james  1822Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11395

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOND, thomas  7 Apr 1901Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05044
2 GENT, richard john  1910Swinton, Yorkshire, England I06467
3 GIBSON, walter james  1917Swinton, Yorkshire, England I24207
4 GOACHER, henry  1890Swinton, Yorkshire, England I18794
5 HATHAWAY, Henry  1893Swinton, Yorkshire, England I08585
6 LEE, mary  1871Swinton, Yorkshire, England I22851
7 MOVERLEY, maria gillott  1883Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05333
8 SQUIRES, John  1896Swinton, Yorkshire, England I17414
9 STIMPSON, fanny maria r  1908Swinton, Yorkshire, England I20804
10 STRAW, Harry  1960Swinton, Yorkshire, England I20803
11 STRINGER, mary  1893Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11524
12 STRINGER, Thomas  31 Oct 1909Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11526
13 SUTHERLAND, Arthur  1870Swinton, Yorkshire, England I26091
14 SYKES, harriet  1883Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15354
15 WHITTINGTON, Eleanor  1951Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00580
16 WIDDISON, mary elizabeth  1910Swinton, Yorkshire, England I11722
17 WILKINSON, frederick  1906Swinton, Yorkshire, England I10671
18 WILLEY, Thomas James  1884Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15348
19 WILLEY, william  1886Swinton, Yorkshire, England I15360
20 WILSON, ellen  1875Swinton, Yorkshire, England I05967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HAGUE, mary ann  24 Oct 1841Swinton, Yorkshire, England I17612
2 MYERS, Alfred  2 Sep 1832Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00194
3 MYERS, ann  10 Feb 1822Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00202
4 MYERS, Charles  21 Jul 1820Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00201
5 MYERS, Emma  25 Nov 1827Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00197
6 MYERS, George  29 Oct 1837Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00199
7 MYERS, Harriett  3 Oct 1824Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00198
8 MYERS, Henry  27 Jun 1830Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00203
9 MYERS, John  18 Jan 1835Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00204
10 MYERS, Thomas  17 May 1818Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00200
11 MYERS, William Bramhall  22 Oct 1826Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00205
12 SHERBURN, Ann  23 Apr 1832Swinton, Yorkshire, England I00590
13 TAYLOR, emma  26 Dec 1822Swinton, Yorkshire, England I17606


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOOTH / HAWKINS  23 Dec 1883Swinton, Yorkshire, England F1886
2 BYWATER / MOVERLEY  2 Oct 1854Swinton, Yorkshire, England F1319
3 TUNE / CLAYDON  26 May 1921Swinton, Yorkshire, England F0088
4 TUNE / SHEPPARD  17 Feb 1861Swinton, Yorkshire, England F0076
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