Barnsley, Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 53.55263, Longitude: -1.4797260000000279


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEALE, ada  1886Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10546
2 BEEVERS, arthur jackson  1898Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24586
3 BEEVERS, frederick  1900Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24587
4 BELL, emma  1836Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I03098
5 BERRIE, Sarah  1651Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I00232
6 BOOTHAM, ann  1881Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I05715
7 BOWER, Ann  1839Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I05639
8 BYWATER, ada  1900Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I16220
9 BYWATER, alfred  1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I16235
10 BYWATER, fred  1892Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I16222
11 BYWATER, george  1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I16233
12 BYWATER, john william  1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I16234
13 BYWATER, sampson  1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I16232
14 CARR, charles  PrivateBarnsley, Yorkshire, England I09941
15 CARR, frank  PrivateBarnsley, Yorkshire, England I09942
16 CARR, george  PrivateBarnsley, Yorkshire, England I09944
17 CARR, walter  PrivateBarnsley, Yorkshire, England I09943
18 CHAPMAN, ethel  1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I14733
19 CHAPMAN, florence  1890Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I14731
20 CHAPMAN, joseph  1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I14745
21 CHAPMAN, lily  1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I14732
22 CHAPMAN, walter  1900Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I14746
23 CLIFFE, annie crane  1852Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I14340
24 COCKROFT, joe  1911Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I11640
25 DOWNIE, eliza  1886Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24113
26 ENGLAND, john  1867Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10542
27 EVANS, herbert  1871Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I19349
28 EVANS, mary ann  1865Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I19348
29 EVANS, thomas  1862Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I19347
30 FOSTER, mary ann  1871Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24108
31 FOSTER, thomas  1876Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24111
32 FOSTER, william henry  1872Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24109
33 GOODYEAR, clara  1872Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10007
34 GOODYEAR, emily  1877Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07514
35 GOODYEAR, florrie  1879Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07513
36 GOODYEAR, frederick william  1869Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07520
37 GOODYEAR, george  1871Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07521
38 GOODYEAR, sam  1875Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07515
39 GREEN, alice  1882Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24592
40 GREEN, ellen  1889Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24595
41 GREEN, ethel  1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24598
42 GREEN, henry  1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24594
43 GREEN, john  1890Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24596
44 GREEN, mary jane  1885Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24593
45 HARRISON, sarah jane  1867Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I19642
46 HODGSON, emma  1838Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10016
47 JUBB, Ann  1678Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I00230
48 MALLINSON, elsie  1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10009
49 MALLINSON, george  1867Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10012
50 MALLINSON, henry  1875Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10013

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELL, emma  1871Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I03098
2 BOOTH, joseph  1892Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I20030
3 CHAPMAN, george ellis  1888Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10935
4 DYSON, Alice  11 Sept 1931Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I05908
5 ENGLAND, john  1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10542
6 FENCOTT, john froggatt  1945Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I01731
7 FENCOTT, Joseph Powell  1941Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24546
8 FOSTER, thomas  1876Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24106
9 GOODALL, john  1876Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07592
10 GREEN, george h  1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24591
11 GREEN, mary emma  1898Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I17733
12 HAINSWORTH, Hannah  10 Jun 1886Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I13455
13 HAMPSHIRE, frances  1907Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10945
14 HENFREY, John  1889Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I06914
15 HODGSON, emma  1914Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10016
16 HOLLIN, Harriett  1904Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I01710
17 JACKSON, annie eliza  1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I02180
18 LAMBERT, israel  1876Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07593
19 LEWIS, Henry  1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I01709
20 LOCKWOOD, John  1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I06351
21 MALLINSON, richard  1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10011
22 NUTT, Robert  1934Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I00724
23 SHAW, Joseph  20 Apr 1894Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I00449
24 SKELTON, amos  1903Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I15189
25 STEER, richard  1888Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I15155
26 UNKNOWN, edith annie  1898Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I10008
27 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1895Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I00450
28 WOOLHOUSE, George  4 Oct 1889Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I07389
29 WOOLHOUSE, sarah  1878Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12027


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEEVERS / SWALLOW  1882Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5253
2 BOOKER / GOODING  1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3086
3 BOOKER / PECK  1907Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4706
4 BOOTH / POLLARD  1876Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4193
5 BYWATER / HARRISON  1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2785
6 BYWATER / JARDINE  1885Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2784
7 CARR / LONGDEN  1908Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F0266
8 CARR / ROYSTON  1866Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F0758
9 CHAPMAN / JACKSON  1889Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3750
10 CLAYTON / JACKSON  1894Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5255
11 COCKAYNE / LAMBERT  1877Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1883
12 COCKROFT / WARD  1907Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1370
13 DARLEY / HAWKE  1868Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1521
14 DAY / BISBY  1881Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5096
15 DEPLEDGE / TURNER  1864Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2653
16 ENGLAND / GOODYEAR  1891Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1840
17 FENCOTT / POWELL  1891Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3693
18 FENTON / WOOLHOUSE  1880Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1501
19 GOODYEAR / CLIFFE  1868Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1841
20 GREEN / JACKSON  1881Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5254
21 GREEN / WHITELEY  1889Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4106
22 GREEN / WILSON  1896Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4105
23 HILL / PARRISH  1896Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F0007
24 HUGHES / UNKNOWN  1910Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1185
25 JENKINSON / DYSON  1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2282
26 LOCKYER / BROWN  1913Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3440
27 MALLINSON / GOODYEAR  1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1078
28 MALLINSON / HODGSON  1857Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1080
29 MEADOWS / GREEN  1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4107
30 MEADOWS / HARRISON  1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4108
31 PORTEOUS / STEER  1900Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2875
32 SELLARS / LONGDEN  1898Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F0843
33 SHORT / BENNETT  1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1299
34 SHORT / BOOTHAM  1900Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1557
35 SMALES / MOVERLEY  1873Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1320
36 TAGG / HODGSON  1891Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4669
37 TAYLOR / BANKS  1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3867
38 TAYLOR / BEALE  1904Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3868
39 WHITTINGTON / STEPHENSON  1906Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3054
40 WOOFENDEN / GREEN  1889Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3489
41 WOOLHOUSE / BELL  1859Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2204
42 WOOLHOUSE / KING  1864Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1681
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