Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 53.6457920, Longitude: -1.7850350


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOOTH, frederick  1854Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09083
2 BOOTH, hannah maria  1840Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09084
3 BOOTH, jane elizabeth  1849Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09085
4 BOOTH, john hardy  1812Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09081
5 BOOTH, John Herbert  1851Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09076
6 BOOTH, sarah hardy  1838Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09086
7 BOOTHROYD, dyson  1900Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16646
8 BOOTHROYD, hilda  1902Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09350
9 COCKROFT, Walter  1877Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I14267
10 COOPER, alice  1889Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I06328
11 COOPER, fred  1890Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I06325
12 ETTENFIELD, Rebecca  Abt 1872Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25592
13 FISHER, frank  1896Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16155
14 FISHER, harry  1890Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16153
15 FISHER, tom  1893Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16154
16 FISHER, walter  1887Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16152
17 LODGE, Frank  Abt 1889Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I05968
18 LODGE, jack  PrivateHuddersfield, Yorkshire, England I08429
19 LODGE, phyllis may  PrivateHuddersfield, Yorkshire, England I08430
20 MEDLEY, florrie  1901Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04122
21 MEDLEY, harry  1903Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04121
22 MEDLEY, jackson  1870Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04120
23 MEDLEY, james a  1898Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04123
24 MOXON, ernest hubert  1878Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I24632
25 MOXON, william henry  1855Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I24631
26 PALMER, grace c  PrivateHuddersfield, Yorkshire, England I07198
27 THOMAS, frank  1898Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I15903
28 THOMAS, lillian maud  1900Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I15904
29 THOMAS, william henry  1875Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I15902
30 TONG, Cyril  23 May 1898Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25594
31 TONG, Dorothy Ettenfield  4 Oct 1906Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25595
32 WEST, edith  1883Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16133
33 WEST, kate  1880Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I16132
34 WILSON, Herbert  1873Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04647
35 WILSON, jack  1900Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04649


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIGGIN, William Robert  1917Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I05716
2 FROGGATT, Robert  1882Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I03451
3 GOACHER, Grace Ellen  3 Jul 1939Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25012
4 JOHNSON, Job  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I04031
5 TONG, Alfred  4 Feb 1952Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25562
6 TONG, Dorothy Ettenfield  2003Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25595
7 TONG, George Alfred  1973Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I25593


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 TUNE, James  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I19788
2 WOOLHOUSE, ann  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I19792


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FROGGATT / PARKER  1885Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England F4529
2 MEDLEY / WEST  1896Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England F2762
3 RHODES / FROGGATT  1882Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England F0952
4 THOMAS / MARSH  1897Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England F2726
5 Tong / Ettenfield  1895Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England F5489
6 WILSON / WEST  1897Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England F1326
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