Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 53.4616366, Longitude: -1.3442806000000473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AINLEY, ellis  1854Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I08238
2 AINLEY, george  1852Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I08237
3 ASHTON, amenia  1862Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I20904
4 ASKHAM, Charlotte  1866Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00644
5 ASKHAM, Eliza  1854Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00641
6 ASKHAM, Emily  1866Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00635
7 ASKHAM, Geo  1860Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00642
8 ASKHAM, Kate  1870Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00645
9 ASKHAM, Mary Ann  1861Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00643
10 BARRACLOUGH, Florence Ena  Abt 1900Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09355
11 BARRACLOUGH, George Henry  Abt 1857Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09457
12 BARRACLOUGH, John Henry  Abt 1880Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09338
13 BARRACLOUGH, Lily  Abt 1882Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09335
14 BARRACLOUGH, Mary Ethel  Abt 1879Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09344
15 BISBY, eliza  1874Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00546
16 BISBY, ethelbert  1882Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I08584
17 BISBY, tom  1870Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I08580
18 BLACKSMITH, elizabeth  1830Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I12124
19 BLOOR, james  1843Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I18658
20 BOOL, ada  1876Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22568
21 BOOL, agnes  1880Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22570
22 BOOL, edith stringer  1883Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22571
23 BOOL, elizabeth  1872Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22567
24 BOOL, fanny  1870Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22566
25 BOOL, Frank  1845Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22563
26 BOOL, fred  1868Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22565
27 BOOL, mary ellen  1867Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22564
28 BOOL, thomas edward  1878Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22569
29 BOOTH, allen  1884Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14410
30 BOOTH, arthur  1876Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14406
31 BOOTH, frank  1879Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14408
32 BOOTH, fred  1880Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14409
33 BOOTH, herbert  1873Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14405
34 BOOTH, john willam  1871Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14404
35 BOOTH, lucy  1878Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14407
36 BRADFORD, john h  1897Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I13308
37 BRAMELD, ada  1895Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I20907
38 BRAMELD, agnes elizabeth  1881Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14393
39 BRAMELD, albert  1877Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14392
40 BRAMELD, albert amos  1876Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I10321
41 BRAMELD, alfred  1884Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14394
42 BRAMELD, annie blanche  1880Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14423
43 BRAMELD, Arthur  1853Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I10315
44 BRAMELD, arthur w  1898Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14399
45 BRAMELD, Charles  1843Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03124
46 BRAMELD, charlotte  1837Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00078
47 BRAMELD, clara  1888Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14381
48 BRAMELD, colin w  1892Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I10327
49 BRAMELD, edgar v  1886Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14380
50 BRAMELD, edith  1892Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14397

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 WARING, Henry  9 Sep 1832Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASKHAM, Samuel  1874Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00639
2 BELLAMY, edwin  1903Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22850
3 BOOL, Frank  25 Oct 1902Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22563
4 BOOTH, jane  1892Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09380
5 BOOTH, mary ann  1889Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I11533
6 BRAMELD, Charles  1875Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00466
7 BRAMELD, ezra  1856Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I10311
8 BRAMELD, Francis  25 Apr 1917Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03125
9 BRAMELD, frederick  1865Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I07336
10 BRAMELD, george  1872Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I07335
11 BRAMELD, Herbert  1853Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03127
12 BRAMELD, james  1864Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I07333
13 BRAMELD, jane  21 Mar 1927Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I10313
14 BRAMELD, Martha  1877Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03123
15 BRAMELD, Thomas  4 Nov 1915Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I14411
16 BRAMELD, William  4 Oct 1888Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03133
17 COOPER, margaret  1864Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00067
18 CROOKES, charles  1870Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I06918
19 DIXON, ann  1878Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I05783
20 DUCKINFIELD, Mary  1887Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00640
21 DUTCHMAN, James  1846Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I01281
22 DYSON, joseph  1864Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00074
23 FROST, william  1901Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I23667
24 GAMBLES, William  1832Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00001
25 GIBSON, charles  1906Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I15468
26 GIBSON, fred  1899Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I15465
27 GLEADELL, thomas  1896Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21573
28 GUEST, eliza  1885Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I15451
29 HARRISON, mary  1868Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02658
30 HARROP, esther  1869Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03470
31 LAMBERT, Helena  27 Oct 1930Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I22572
32 LEGGOTT, ellen  1920Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02167
33 ROEBUCK, edward  1881Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I12123
34 SIMMONITE, Henry  1900Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I04310
35 SMITH, henry  1896Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I16621
36 SMITH, thomas  1893Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I07636
37 STRINGER, Clarence  1883Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I12722
38 STRINGER, eliza  6 Mar 1919Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I07690
39 STRINGER, george  1887Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I07684
40 STRINGER, william  1726Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I13486
41 STRINGER, william henry  1862Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03018
42 TAGG, edwin  24 Feb 1922Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I19253
43 UNKNOWN, Hannah  1815Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00002
44 WARING, aaron  1885Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I03074
45 WARING, Francis  1863Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02657
46 WARING, John  1836Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02662
47 WARING, William  1842Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02659
48 WATTS, anne  1873Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I06524
49 WHITTINGTON, James  1879Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00566
50 WOOLHOUSE, Henry  1888Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00820


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOOTH, jane  6 Sep 1892Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I09380
2 WARING, William  25 Mar 1842Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02659


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FRENCH, Charlotte  20 Feb 1836Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I05554
2 STRINGER, Mary Ann  4 Sep 1798Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I01066
3 WARING, John  3 Aug 1823Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02662
4 WARING, Mary  10 Sep 1837Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02663
5 WARING, Walter  22 Jan 1830Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02660
6 WARING, William  14 Jun 1835Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I02659
7 WIDDISON, john  25 Mar 1792Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I12731
8 WOOD, George  11 Aug 1833Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I04935
9 WOOD, Sarah  11 Mar 1838Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00570


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AINLEY, james  1851Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I08241
2 ANDERSON, clara  1911Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I11277
3 BRAMELD, Charles  1851Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I00466
4 BUTCHER, sarah  1901Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I16771
5 CHEETHAM, henry  1901Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I20917
6 GLEADELL, thomas  1871Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21573
7 GLEADELL, thomas  1891Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21573
8 GOLDSBOROUGH, Arthur  1911Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I13473
9 MARSHALL, Frank Bool  1911Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I24427
10 UNKNOWN, sarah j  1881Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21578
11 UNKNOWN, sarah j  1871Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21578
12 WATTS, anne  1871Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I06524
13 WATTS, annie  1871Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21579
14 WATTS, Thomas  1871Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21576
15 WATTS, Thomas  1881Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England I21576


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRAMELD / SHAW  18 Jun 1780Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England F0816
2 BROWN / HOBSON  16 Apr 1827Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England F0639
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