Wentworth, Yorkshire, England



Town : Latitude: 53.479002, Longitude: -1.4190549999999575


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOOTH, edith  1882Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20056
2 BOOTH, hilda gertrude m  1886Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20057
3 BOOTH, mabel mary  1893Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20058
4 CHAPMAN, Hannah  1811Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I01229
5 COOPER, Hannah  1762Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02791
6 COOPER, Joseph  1738Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00429
7 COOPER, Martha  1766Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02792
8 COOPER, Richard  1764Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02794
9 COOPER, Ruth  1769Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02793
10 COOPER, Sarah  1767Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00428
11 DARLEY, frank  Abt 1846Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I04727
12 FROGGATT, richard  1790Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I12525
13 HAGUE, Sarah  1818Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00461
14 HAKIN, louisa  1860Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I07617
15 HAKIN, Mary Elizabeth  1878Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00193
16 HIZZETT, anne  1886Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I07619
17 HIZZETT, arthur  1882Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I07618
18 JESSOP, Sarah  1791Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I03778
19 OTLEY, Thomas  1802Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I05907
20 RAWLIN, john  1823Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I06149
21 SAXTON, William  1853Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02704
22 SENIOR, annis  1837Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I24563
23 SMITH, ann  1847Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16622
24 SMITH, edward  1826Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20002
25 SMITH, henry  1825Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16621
26 SMITH, walter  1850Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16623
27 SMITH, william  1853Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16624
28 SWIFT, Charles  1839Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I01722
29 SWIFT, elizabeth  1822Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16580
30 UTTLEY, ellen  1859Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20001
31 UTTLEY, elsie  1899Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I10419
32 UTTLEY, fred  1871Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I10417
33 UTTLEY, george  1858Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20000
34 UTTLEY, mahala  1855Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I19999
35 UTTLEY, richard  1829Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I19998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DEARNALY, Edward  1813Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I04465
2 JACKSON, mary  1861Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I14502
3 JESSOP, Sarah  1856Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I03778
4 JOHNSON, Job  1847Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I03777
5 JOHNSON, John jessop  1847Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I04033
6 UTTLEY, ellen  1899Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20001
7 UTTLEY, richard  1896Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I19998
8 WHITELY, Elizabeth  1814Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I04466


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COOKE, Caroline  19 Apr 1818Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00678
2 COOPER, Hannah  25 Apr 1762Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02791
3 COOPER, Joseph  17 Mar 1738Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00429
4 COOPER, Sarah  20 Dec 1767Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00428
5 JESSOP, Sarah  18 Sep 1791Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I03778
6 JESSOP, Sarah  18 Sep 1792Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I03778
7 SAXTON, Arthur Tom  25 Nov 1855Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00680
8 SAXTON, William  29 May 1853Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I02704


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BOOTH, James  1891Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20035
2 BOOTH, olive  1841Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16616
3 HAY, henry ferguson  1911Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I17631
4 LONGDEN, gertrude  1891Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I20054
5 RANGER, William Charles  1891Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I00630
6 SELLARS, margaret  1901Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I10418
7 SMITH, henry  1851Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I16621
8 UTTLEY, richard  1861Wentworth, Yorkshire, England I19998


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DYSON / COOPER  3 Apr 1823Wentworth, Yorkshire, England F2185
2 HIZZETT / HAKIN  24 Oct 1881Wentworth, Yorkshire, England F0826
3 SORSBY / UTTLEY  2 Jun 1919Wentworth, Yorkshire, England F1114
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