Wickersley, Yorkshire, England



Town : Latitude: 53.423049, Longitude: -1.2757279999999582


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWER, susannah  1781Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I25316
2 CARDWELL, ann  1782Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I02465
3 CARDWELL, mary  1778Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I02446
4 DOWNES, elizabeth  1747Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07425
5 FEARNLEY, mary  1752Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I02470
6 FOULSTONE, george  1829Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I10517
7 FOX, john  1848Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11602
8 GRAHAM, Mary  1802Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I01775
9 HEATHCOTE, Emma  1831Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I00583
10 LONGDEN, george  1835Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I09998
11 LONGDIN, agnes  1875Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17004
12 MORTON, annie  1862Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I06329
13 SCAMMERDINE, samuel  1846Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I05371
14 SHAW, gertrude elizabeth  1880Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I14264
15 TRICKETT, elizabeth  1853Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17350
16 TRICKETT, ellen  1854Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17351
17 TRICKETT, george  1830Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17346
18 TRICKETT, james  1859Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17353
19 TRICKETT, jane  1865Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17354
20 TRICKETT, Maria  1862Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I15262
21 TRICKETT, thomas  1855Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17352
22 VARAH, frank robinson  1901Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I09951
23 VARAH, hannah  1899Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I09952
24 VARAH, nellie ward  1911Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07499
25 VARAH, Tom Robinson  1865Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I09954
26 WOOLHOUSE, ann  1743Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08727
27 WOOLHOUSE, ann  1705Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13680
28 WOOLHOUSE, benjamin  Abt 1795Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I04756
29 WOOLHOUSE, benjamin  1723Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12377
30 WOOLHOUSE, catherine  1721Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12031
31 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1712Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07103
32 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1716Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07105
33 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1737Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08723
34 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1853Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I10066
35 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1791Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13245
36 WOOLHOUSE, hannah  1705Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12363
37 WOOLHOUSE, hannah  1785Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13244
38 WOOLHOUSE, Jeremiah  15 Oct 1855Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I06696
39 WOOLHOUSE, john  1748Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13060
40 WOOLHOUSE, john  1787Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13243
41 WOOLHOUSE, martha  1719Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07104
42 WOOLHOUSE, martha  1742Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08726
43 WOOLHOUSE, mary  1704Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11908
44 WOOLHOUSE, Mary Ann  1849Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11204
45 WOOLHOUSE, rebecca  1726Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12360
46 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1740Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08725
47 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1751Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08728
48 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1789Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11023
49 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1707Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11905
50 WOOLHOUSE, sarah  1714Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I01694

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARMROYD, arabella  1761Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12026
2 BRAILSFORD, Blanche Mary  1942Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I06218
3 CARDWELL, mary  1811Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I02446
4 GENT, Herbert  1961Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I06217
5 HARRISON, mary ann  1870Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17347
6 OUDALL, elizabeth  1798Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11022
7 REDFORD, elizabeth  1789Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12025
8 STEVENSON, elizabeth  1858Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13069
9 TINGLE, florence  1927Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11726
10 TRICKETT, george  1900Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17346
11 VARAH, nellie ward  1916Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07499
12 VARAH, Tom Robinson  1911Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I09954
13 WOOLHOUSE, benjamin  1799Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I04756
14 WOOLHOUSE, benjamin  1749Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08724
15 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1723Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07105
16 WOOLHOUSE, elizabeth  1792Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13245
17 WOOLHOUSE, Jeremiah  1853Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13061
18 WOOLHOUSE, martha  1723Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I07104
19 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1741Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08725
20 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1807Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I08728
21 WOOLHOUSE, robert  1788Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I11905
22 WOOLHOUSE, sarah  1802Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13247
23 WOOLHOUSE, thomas  1810Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13241
24 WOOLHOUSE, william  1799Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FRENCH, Martha  11 Apr 1841Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I05552
2 HEATHCOTE, Emma  27 Mar 1831Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I00583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BRAILSFORD, Thomas  1861Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I06250
2 BUTCHER, sarah  1911Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I16771
3 CHEETHAM, henry  1911Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I20917
4 COLLINS, clarence  1901Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I10889
5 TRICKETT, george  1861Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I17346
6 VARAH, Tom Robinson  1901Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I09954
7 WOOLHOUSE, Jeremiah  1841Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13061
8 WOOLHOUSE, Jeremiah  1851Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I13061
9 WOOLHOUSE, william  1841Wickersley, Yorkshire, England I12879
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