Catharine MASON

Female Abt 1787 - Bef 1864  (~ 77 years)



St Peter and St Pauls Church, Old Brampton, Derbyshire

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Linked toSt Peter & St Paul's Church, Old Brampton, Derbyshire, England; Family: ADDY/BUXTON (F0296) (Married); Family: ADDY/Hardwick (F1985) (Married); Family: BROWN/FISHER (F3692) (Married); Family: COOPER/Markham (F5596) (Married); Family: FROGGATT/FROGGATT (F1589) (Married); Family: FROGGATT/TURNER (F0355) (Married); Family: FROGGATT/ADLINGTON (F0447) (Married); Family: GREGORY/WAGSTAFF (F1484) (Married); Family: HALL/NEEDHAM (F2727) (Married); Family: HARDWICK/MASON (F5586) (Married); Family: HEATH/Mattingley (F627) (Married); Family: HEATH/Marshall (F1579) (Married); Family: HEATH/Shemwell (F518) (Married); Family: HILL/BARNES (F0082) (Married); Family: HILL/ADDY (F0295) (Married); Family: HILL/WRAGG (F0032) (Married); Family: JACKSON/DERBYSHIRE (F2419) (Married); Family: LEE/Turner (F5569) (Married); Family: Lee/Markham (F5570) (Married); Family: Markham/Warton (F5628) (Married); Family: Markham/Chapman (F5629) (Married); Family: Maxfield/Lee (F5513) (Married); Family: Moody/Newbold (F5510) (Married); Family: Newbold/Maxfield (F5512) (Married); Family: Newbold/Stevenson (F5514) (Married); Family: PROCTOR/HILL (F0299) (Married); Family: Taylor/HADFIELD (F5532) (Married); Family: TOMLINSON/BUXTON (F1831) (Married); Family: WRAGG/NEWBOLD (F3674) (Married); Family: WRAGG/HARDY (F1465) (Married); Family: WRAGG/TAYLOR (F4633) (Married); Ann ADDY (Christening); Edward ADDY (Christening); Edward ADDY (Burial); Edward ADDY (Christening); Edward ADDY (Burial); Eliza ADDY (Christening); Eliza ADDY (Burial); Elizabeth ADDY (Christening); Elizabeth ADDY (Burial); George ADDY (Christening); George ADDY (Burial); Harriet ADDY (Christening); Harriet ADDY (Burial); Joseph ADDY (Christening); Joseph ADDY (Burial); Thomas ADDY (Christening); Harriett BARNES (Burial); Lucy BARNES (Burial) ['More Links']

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