Who is Family?

Over the past couple of years, I have found myself the victim of an ongoing and debilitating vendetta. A fellow family historian, who should know better, has been undermining the content of this site by suggesting it contains information about people who have no right to be there. To make things absolutely clear, this is a family history site. It records as accurately as possible, and with as much supporting documentation as possible, the extended families connected to my mum’s family. There will be mistakes. No one can ever say that their work is error free. There may be gaps in the material online, but that is uniquely because of time restrictions. There are new additions almost daily, and that will continue in order to slowly fill those gaps. In the meantime, anyone with a genuine interest is welcome to contact me, and I can supply copies of material I hold here in my study. Sometimes the records available to us may contain errors. That doesn’t mean they can or should be ignored, they remain historical records, and I will continue to use and record them. This family history has never set out to only include my direct ancestors, or to restrict itself to ‘blood’ relatives. It is intended to set each generation in the context of related and associated families. Often the associations of one generation become relationships in another, and I am interested to see how that pattern develops through the centuries. If you don’t like my approach, that is your prerogative. Feel free to move on and pursue your research in the manner which suits you. But please, do not argue falsely, that I am publishing deliberately inaccurate information. Do not expect me to respond to bully tactics, or to justify my choices. Finally, if you have a genuine interest in anyone mentioned on this site, and I can help in any way, then I shall always be pleased to do so.

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  1. Dear Martin,
    I have noticed some of my relatives are contained on your genealogy site but I cannot see how they are connected to you or how they have come to be included. Additional details of the same ancestors also appear on a totally unconnected web page. My grandmother was Ada Evelyn Peaple. Her other siblings, the details of whom are missing from your site are listed on the other webpage I mentioned. The details on that site are fairly accurate although I have no connection to the creator of the other webpage.That webpage is 5 generations of a family which includes Levi Davis born 1823. One of his siblings Esther Davis is my grandmother’s maternal grandmother. The information on your site relating to Ada ties in with the other webpage. Some detail is new to me and would have been unknown to my mother and probably to Ada also. I would be most interested to understand any link to other people named on the site and why Ada is included in Derbyshirehills. Thank you for getting in touch if possible.

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