Remarkable marriage

A remarkable marriage..

Alfred Ibberson was my gg grandfather. Of all those in this extensive family tree, he is perhaps the character I’d most like to have met.

In todays language we would probably refer to him as a ‘black sheep’ or a ‘dodgy character’. Certainly he was a colourful personality who lived a full and long life. You can read a fuller account of his exploits here on my Mosley families web pages.

The above report was published in the Derbyshire Times on 13 January 1923 and refers to Alfred’s third marriage, to Eliza Annetts a week earlier at the Chesterfield Register Office. The marriage was not welcomed by Alfred’s family, some of whom were not even aware he had married until after he died nearly ten years later.

Even in todays more open minded times, doubtless eyebrows would be raised at a marriage where the difference in ages between bride and groom was 60 years. We have no evidence however to suggest that the couple were not happy. The couple’s daughter, Mary Ibberson was born some seven years later, when Alfred was approaching his 89th birthday.

I have to admire Alfred who so obviously lived his life to the full and who’s story is well worth reading.

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  1. I would have liked to have met him he was my grandad my mum told me about him when I was very young its first time I have seen his photo nice to see him .

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