walk for a wager

Walk for a Wager

As I remarked in my last post, my gg grandfather, Alfred Ibberson was quite a character. One of his exploits was still being recalled in 1946, some fourteen years after his death, and probably around half a century after they took place.

The obituary for a local publican, Joseph Green was published in the Derbyshire Times on 8 March 1946. It recalled a ‘Walk for a Wager’ which had been organised by another publican, Sandy Bowler of ‘The Peacock’ on Low Pavements, Chesterfield. He had offered a bet of £25 that he could find a man aged over 40, who could walk from Sheffield Town Hall to Chesterfield Market Hall in two hours. Alfred was the man he had in mind..

The walk took place, and Alfred completed it with just a few seconds to spare. No mean feat given the distance between the two is well over twelve miles.

No doubt the publican had numerous takers because Alfred was given £10 for his troubles, which he used to buy a new suit.. The rest went on champagne!

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